Here are some of our more FAQ’s.

  • What age does my child need to be to benefit?

    Messy Monkeys sessions are age specific for babies from around 6 months up to four years.

  • How much is each session?

    We have 2 rates for our sessions. A weekday rate and a weekend rate. Rates are easy to find in the book now section of this site.

  • How many adults can come?

    To provide the best experience for everyone we recommended 1 adult per child. If 2 adults will be accompanying a child please contact us to make special exemption.

  • My child's grandparents are visiting, can they come and watch?

    To be fair and allow the greatest possible experience for all our participants it is recommended 1 adult to 1 child.

  • How long is the session?

    A session is 60 mins long.

  • Can I take photos?

    You sure can, just be conscious and considerate of other participants and make you tag and share your experience on our Facebook page!

  • Will you be taking photos?

    We do take photos as advertising, competitions and promotional tools. A brief is given at the beginning of each session just let us know if you don’t want to be in photos.

  • My child has allergies, can they still come?

    Definitely!!! Not every station is food based and all stations that pose an allergy risk are clearly labeled with allergy alerts. If you still have concerns feel free to contact us or speak to us at the beginning of your session.

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